Located in Varennes, Quebec, just minutes outside Montreal, Solumet MP operates a novel recycling facility that converts fine metal-bearing wastes and by-products into re-meltable metal product also known as sintercake. With our unique furnace technology, Solumet MP operates a 24 hour a day, 365 day a year, continuous operation. The sintercake produced is used as raw material for stainless steel and nickel alloy applications.

Solumet Metal and Powder Inc. (Solumet MP) was founded in 2008 with a unified vision to reduce the environmental impact of by-products in the metals industry. As our society moves forward, the demand for metals has increased and so has the cost of extraction of these metals from primary ores. This is a heavy cost to society but also has a negative impact on our environment. Recycling of waste products and by-products from metal producing operations has become today’s norm, and Solumet strives to take this one step further. Since our inception, we have specialized in revalorizing fine, dusty metallic waste streams, traditionally destined for landfill, and optimizing metal recovery in other fine-grained metal by-products.

The experts at Solumet MP have a wealth of experience in waste stream characterization and recycling strategy optimization. Our technology allows us to:

  • Produce high-grade stainless steel or super-alloy sintercake which can be used as raw material in any melting operation
  • Become a zero residual waste and zero discharge facility
  • Maximize the economic return associated with waste stream recycling