Solumet MP’s unique recycling process enables us to revalorize thousands of tons of material destined to landfill every year. This not only reduces the environmental impact and valuable landfill space, but replaces metal units originating from primary mining operations.

  • In 5 years of operations, we have processed more than 40 000 tons of material without generating any residual waste.
  • Solumet MP’s pollution control equipment is tested on a yearly basis and adheres to provincial and federal regulations.
  • Solumet MP regularly undergoes successful customer audits from partners in the Ni alloy and aeronautical industry. Our facility has undergone a review by CHWMEG, Inc, a non-profit trade association comprised of manufacturing and other "industrial" companies interested in efficiently managing the waste management aspects of their environmental stewardship programs ( The report can be made available upon request.