Dual approach for collaboration frameworks

Recyclable products sold to Solumet MP

Each individual resource analyzed and tested in Solumet MP's simulation furnace

Toll processing by Solumet MP

Solumet MP to work with customer to design cost-effective treatment to maximize valorization of by-product

In addition to processing and testing, service for each raw material includes logistics from the producer's facility to Solumet MP and for the finished product back to the producer/market

No processing fee involved - sinter cake sold by Solumet MP based on prevalent market prices

One single processing fee involved

Solumet MP can provide tailor made toll conversion services for your recycling needs. These services include:

Toll Processing of specific by-products or metal oxides:

  1. Stainless steel fines generated by stainless steel smelters can be combined into one sintercake product that can be 100% recycled back into the smelting operations. Materials that can be recycled include EAF dust, AOD dust, Millscale, Swarf, Grindings, floorsweeps, turnings, shot blast dust, etc.
  2. Conversion of Ni-alloy grindings and dust into a Ni-alloy sintercake.
  3. Conversion of moly-oxide into moly metal sintercake.
  4. Many more options exist. Let us help you design the best possible toll processing program for your needs.

Benefits of Solumet MP

Both our furnace technology and our sintercake offer numerous benefits for our customers to help them optimize their recycling strategy.

Unique furnace technology

Can handle extremely dusty materials
Allows for blending of many different feed materials into a homogeneous product
Can process a large variety of metallic and oxidized feed sources
Capable of separating Zn and Pb from EAF and BOF
Robust and proven tehcology

Sinter cake for steel mills

Waste reduction : Complete recycling of : Ni / Cr / Fe / Mo – units
Allows for blending with other scrap sources
Can be used directly in traditional EAF or induction furnace
Sinter cake melts faster than regular scrap
Sinter cake is less expensive than primary raw material sources of Ni / Cr / Fe / Mo

Quality control

Solumet MP takes pride in their Quality Control metallurgical laboratory. Whether it’s receiving new samples, testing daily feed stock or analyzing our production line, these results provide essential data to all areas of our plant operations. We work with our customers and ensure that these materials are well sampled and tested to perfection. Solumet MP uses a step-wise approach when processing new materials, ensuring we work closely with our customers every step of the way.

  • Standardization of laboratory methods with customer
  • Caracterization of income material
  • Run test batch in laboratory

Align with customer

  • Trial batch 10-20 tons in production furnace
  • Finished product testing

Align with customer

  • Commercial Batches in production furnace
  • Finished product testing

Commercial shipment after agreement with customer

Solumet MP and the environment

Solumet MP’s unique recycling process enables us to revalorize thousands of tons of material destined to landfill every year. This not only reduces the environmental impact and valuable landfill space, but replaces metal units originating from primary mining operations.

  • In 10 years of operations, we have processed more than 150 000 tons of material without generating any residual waste.
  • Solumet MP’s pollution control equipment is tested on a yearly basis and adheres to provincial and federal regulations.
  • Solumet MP regularly undergoes successful customer audits from partners in the Ni alloy and aeronautical industry. Our facility has undergone a review by CHWMEG, Inc, a non-profit trade association comprised of manufacturing and other “industrial” companies interested in efficiently managing the waste management aspects of their environmental stewardship programs ( The report can be made available upon request.

Team optimization

Solumet MP was founded by its two acting owners; Michel Lessard and David Droppert. Together, they have brought extensive years of metallurgical experience and have formed a multi-disciplinary team to help customers optimize their recycling strategies

Michel Lessard

Production, maintenance & engineering
Quality control

David Droppert

Business development
Process development

In addition to its 30 full-time employees on site in Varennes, Quebec, Solumet MP has access to a broad network of companies complementing its specialty waste operations.